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Available Services

Versatile and Efficient Packing Solutions

  • Flexible Batch Sizes: From small to large, accommodating diverse product quantities.

  • Comprehensive Labeling Options: Including bespoke labelling and re-labelling services.

  • Advanced Technology: Purpose-built steam shrink wrap labelling machines for precision.

  • Expertise and Support: Assistance with ingredient sourcing, product blending, and packaging strategies.

  • Global Reach: Contract packing for companies seeking the New Zealand-made edge, with a track record of exporting to multiple continents.

Choose Elitepac for Your Packing Needs

With Elitepac, you're choosing a partner committed to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the varied needs of our clients, ensuring your products are handled, packaged, and presented to the highest standards. Reach out to us to discover how we can assist in bringing your products to the market with the care, quality, and professionalism they deserve.


We are equipped to manage a diverse range of products, especially those requiring meticulous care in controlled environments, such as temperature-sensitive items. Our facilities and processes are designed to ensure your products are handled with the utmost care and precision.


Our team of dedicated formulation chemists is constantly engaged in research and innovation, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. Whether it's a wide product range or varying production runs, we are here to accommodate your requirements with our cutting-edge solutions.


Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We are proud holders of the Eco-warranty Certification and the Eco Choice certificate. These accreditations reflect our dedication to environmentally friendly production practices, aligning with international standards.


Our skilled design team offers comprehensive services including label design, support, production, goods labelling, coding, and packaging. We prioritise your confidentiality, ensuring your intellectual property is protected at every stage.


Elitepac leads the way in contract packing and customer label packing services. Our advanced, eco-friendly packing methods ensure your products are packaged efficiently and sustainably, meeting the highest industry standards.


Elitepac is equipped to handle all types of liquid filling with flexible equipment. Our flexible compounding capabilities, ranging from 100L to 1,500L, ensure we can meet any volume requirement. Capable of filling over 20,000 bottles per day, we specialise in a wide range of products, including skincare and detergents.

"We have been working with Elitepac for over 5 years in contract packing. I have found their service to be reliable and well priced"
"Based in Shanghai we wanted New Zealand made products that met our quality and delivery expectations, we have been very happy with the service Elitepac has provided"
"Great Price! Great turnaround time!
Can't Fault them on their service, Recommend them to any business wanting hassle free contract packing"
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