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Environmental Policy

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint through the following strategic approaches:

  • Environmental Management System: Implementing comprehensive environmental management practices to reduce waste, cost, and inefficiency effectively.


  • Compliance and Prevention: Ensuring adherence to environmental regulations, laws, and codes of practice. We aim to prevent emissions, spills, leaks, and other environmental accidents through proactive measures.


  • Resource Efficiency: Committing to the reduction and minimisation of waste by utilising materials, water, energy, and other resources more efficiently.


  • Recycling and Waste Management: Promoting recycling initiatives within our operations and among our staff, alongside training in best environmental practices. Our commitment extends to making purchasing decisions that align with our eco-warranty certification.


  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Collaborating with packaging suppliers both locally in New Zealand and internationally to provide eco-friendly packaging options that meet our clients’ brand needs while adhering to sustainable practices.

We strive to minimise our environmental impact by implementing an environmental management system and reducing waste, cost, and inefficiency. By controlling emissions, spills, leaks, and other environmental accidents and incidents, we aim to comply with environmental regulations, laws, and codes of practice, while constantly reducing and minimising waste through the efficient use of materials, water, energy, and other resources.


We maintain our commitment to environmental improvement by recycling waste whenever possible, training staff in the best environmental practices, and making purchasing decisions in line with our eco-warranty certification. More sustainable Packaging Materials Elitepac collaborates with packaging suppliers in New Zealand and overseas to offer the best eco-friendly options. We work with clients to determine the ideal packaging for their brand, sharing our knowledge of recycling channels. However, depending on the product formulation, specific materials may be necessary to maintain integrity. As a contract manufacturer, we can only educate and recommend. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we strive to provide as much information as possible to help you make informed decisions that benefit your brand and the environment.


Recyclable Bottles We work with our customers to ensure that their chosen packaging suits the New Zealand recycling chain. Offering you many different suppliers who deal in Curb-side recycled materials, through to materials suitable for breaking down. The sustainable packaging strategy applied to invent our green technology is known as source reduction, has developed this fantastic guide to show you which plastics are suitable for New Zealand.


Putting you in touch with New Zealand Made suppliers. We support local businesses to strengthen and sustain New Zealand's manufacturing industry. Working with other kiwi businesses, we encourage participation in the curb-side recycling program and reducing carbon footprint. When contract packing, we suggest cost-effective packaging materials from local New Zealand suppliers.


At Elitepac we recognise that all businesses including ours, have an effect on both New Zealand and the world's environment. Our Environmental Policy has been developed to oversee our actions which have potential environmental effects. It has been developed to ensure that our actions and operations in place follow the policy to combine innovation with environmentally responsible practices accordingly.


Our role as a steward of the environment is to be continually striving to minimise activities with negative environmental impacts, while encouraging practices with positive environmental effects. Being environmentally responsible means that we also operate to comply with all legal and statutory obligations as set out by New Zealand Law. As a steward of the environment, we work to become more eco-efficient by reducing waste through the recycling of materials on site, the critical management of water use and both the disposal and reduction in wastewater. We recognised as such, this means that through our relationship with the environment, the seriousness of environmental issues such as global warming, using non-renewable resources and neglect for the environment through their negative consequences.


Staff is encouraged to suggest any ideas that may reduce the company's environmental impact on the environment being a continual focus of the company. To acknowledge the key role of the environment in our company, the policy is signed off by Senior Management. We recycle all plastic scrap internally, naturally, all cardboard and paper are recycled through a certified recycler. All surplus chemicals and inks are destroyed through environmentally sound practices. And our employees are trained in rubbish sorting and the reusability of different resources.


What does sustainability mean to us? Elitepac defines sustainability as meeting present needs without compromising future generations. Sustainability has three key domains: social, environmental, and economic.

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