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Horticultural & Animal Care

Elitepac excels in providing comprehensive solutions for horticultural and animal care products, catering to the specific needs of these diverse markets with precision and expertise.


Hydroponic Nutrients 

Our services include hydroponic nutrient bottling, where we handle a variety of liquid nutrient solutions essential for hydroponic farming systems. These nutrients are meticulously formulated and bottled under strict conditions to ensure they meet the high efficacy and purity standards required for optimal plant growth. Our versatile and efficient bottling facilities are equipped to handle various volumes and types of containers, ensuring that products are delivered in user-friendly packaging that maintains product stability and facilitates easy application.

Fertiliser Packing

In the realm of soil-based gardening and agriculture, Elitepac offers robust fertiliser packing services. We manage a range of organic and synthetic fertilisers, blending and packing them into various forms and sizes, from small retail packages to large bulk containers suitable for commercial use. Our packing processes are designed to ensure that fertilisers are protected from moisture and other environmental factors that could compromise their quality. This careful handling helps maintain the integrity of the nutrients, ensuring they remain effective and easy to distribute, whether for professional agricultural use or retail sale.


Animal Care

Elitepac also extends its expertise to the animal care industry, providing a comprehensive array of services for both professional and personal pet care products. This includes everything from veterinary supplements to grooming products, all manufactured and packaged according to stringent health and safety standards. Our facilities are equipped to formulate and package liquids, powders, and creams, offering a complete suite of options to meet the diverse needs of pets and livestock. Each product is developed with the wellbeing of animals in mind, ensuring high-quality, safe, and effective solutions for animal health and care.

Tailored Products

Continual product development is at the heart of Elitepac's operations, driving innovation across all sectors, including horticultural and animal care products. Our dedicated research and development team collaborates closely with clients to tailor products that not only meet existing market demands but also introduce new solutions that anticipate future trends. This proactive approach involves exploring sustainable raw materials, advanced formulation techniques, and eco-friendly packaging options, ensuring that our products are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Through these efforts, Elitepac provides market-ready products that support the growth and health of plants and animals alike.

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