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Powder & Tablet Services

Elitepac’s expertise extends into comprehensive powder and tablet services, catering to a diverse array of industry needs from household cleaning products to dietary supplements.


Powder Blending

Our powder cleaning product blending operations are equipped to handle a variety of formulations, enabling the production of efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Utilising precise blending techniques, we ensure consistency and quality across all batches, making sure that each product meets the specific efficacy and safety standards demanded by the market. This meticulous approach extends to our powder supplement product blending, where precision and purity are paramount. Our facilities are designed to maintain the highest level of product integrity, ensuring that all nutritional and health supplements are blended to meet exact specifications for potency and performance.

Product Packing Solutions

In addition to our blending services, Elitepac offers specialised powder product packing solutions. Our efficient packing lines are capable of handling a range of powder types and granularities, with a keen focus on maintaining product quality during the packing process. We are well equipped with packing technology to ensure products are free from contamination and are packaged in a controlled environment. Our capabilities include filling a variety of container sizes, from small to large bulk packaging, tailored to meet client needs. For consumer convenience, we also offer extensive sachet production services, providing single-use and trial-size packaging options that are perfect for on-the-go consumers and sample distribution.


Tablet Manufacturing

Elitepac is also equipped in tablet manufacturing, with the capacity to produce both large tablets and small pills. Our production lines are outfitted with high-precision machinery that guarantees uniformity and dosage accuracy, crucial for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. From initial granulation and mixing to final coating and packaging, our comprehensive process ensures that every tablet is crafted to exact standards. Our packing services for tablets are equally sophisticated, employing automated systems that can handle various packaging formats, including blister packs, bottles, and bulk containers, all designed to extend shelf life and enhance user accessibility.

Research & Development 

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our ongoing product development efforts. At Elitepac, we continuously explore new formulations and packaging technologies that can enhance product effectiveness and consumer appeal. Our R&D team works closely with clients to develop custom solutions that align with emerging market trends and regulatory changes. Whether it’s creating more sustainable packaging options or formulating advanced blends of powders and tablets, Elitepac is dedicated to advancing our clients' products through innovative science and smart packaging solutions.

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