Green Formulations

Elitepac uses natural and biodegradable ingredients whenever possible in all their formulations, and over 95% of our product range comply with our 3 leaves natural/biodegradable notification eco coding system

Biodegradable or plant origin


Biodegradable, mostly natural extracts


Biodegradable, meets US Natural Products Association standards



PET & HDPE Plastics
Elitepac prefers to use PET plastic bottles. Both can be recycled after consumption. After consumer recyclables have been collected and sorted by type at recycling centers, PET products are crushed, pressed into bales, shredded, and refined into PET flakes. These flakes are transformed used in the raw materials for new products.


Although Elitepac’s Plastic pumps are made of polypropylene, the internal workings of the pump have the usual metal springs. These springs can be also recyclable and are separated during the recycling wash process before being sent to various places for re-use. Elitepac uses LDPE tubes, when LDPE is recycled and is used to produce a wide range of products such as rubbish bags, floor tiles, panelling, furniture, compost bins, rubbish bins and a large number of other smaller packaging, bottles, lids etc….it has the ability to be recycled and re-processed many times over.


Elitepac Uses packaging using recycled paper and board whenever possible and when requested by the customer


Elitepac uses Aluminum and steel Cans that are 100% recyclable. This means that not only can these Save energy and resources if recycled but our cans avoid waste, landfill pressure and can be reused a to create a valuable resource in a sustainable way. We also use recovered CO2 or NZ instead of LPG whenever possible. All our cans are safe ozone safe.

Our ability to offer customers contract packing and customer label packing for around the world uniquely identifies us as a leader in global packing.

We will always attempt to pack in the using the most eco friendly and technologically advanced manner. Elitepac Ltd designs and supplies dispensing equipment, ready-to-use spray bottles, aerosol cans and refill bottles and packs Worldwide, from small to large bottling runs