Social – Reducing risks to health and enhancing the quality of life.

Environmental – Reducing negative impacts on our ecosystem and Increasing positive impacts.

Economic – Building economic strength and prosperity for an enterprise and its stakeholders.


Elitepac as a company is passionate about the creation of natural products and recognises Goals that reflect our responsibility to the environment, customers and ourselves. The environments future is always in mind and so we do everything that is financially and logistically possible to minimise the environmental impact that our business and our products make. And have implemented an environmental management system to reduce waste, cost, and inefficiency. It not only aids the preservation of our natural resources, but it can also reduce the cost of finding more or new resources.

Ensuring that the right controls are in place can reduce the impacts on the environment from emissions, spills, leaks, and other environmental accidents and incidents. By managing the risks of negative environmental impacts it betters our business and New Zealand. Comply with Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice. These will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.Work to constantly reduce and minimise waste through the efficient use of materials, water, energy and other resources.

Maintain and work according to the environment management policies and practises as set out in our Eco-warranty certification. Review our work practises regularly in order to adopt better practises and procedures when they arise. Develop, monitor and review objectives and targets in order to continually improve our environmental performance. Recycle waste whenever possible and maintain that staff are trained in the best environmental practises. Make purchasing decisions in line with our commitment to environmental improvement. Recognise that our customers also have requirements for our environmental performance and endeavour to meet these expectations wherever possible


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