Elitepac has an extensive range of bottle and tube filling lines ideally suited to all types of ambient liquid filling.

What We Offer

We can handle all forms of products including those that require special handling such as temperature-controlled environments. We also comply with international Eco-warrenty Certification and Biogro Organic Primary Producer We are been at the forefront of sustainability making the production of your products as environmentally friendly as possible. Our ability to offer customers contract packing and customer label packing for around the world uniquely identifies us as a leader in global packing. We will always attempt to pack in the using the most eco friendly and technologically advanced manner. We can produce a variety of ranges and short or long run manufacturing. With full-time in-house formulation chemists committed to research, innovation, and production. we can produce solutions to your every requirement. We also have a full design team to provide label design, label production, labelling of goods, coding and packaging. We can produce products that are soap free, paraben free etc and you can feel comfortable knowing that your intellectual property is held in confidentiality at all times.


  • We work to flexible batch sizes

  • we can work with you on Product development from initial concept

  • We can help with ingredient sourcing, in-house product blending, and packaging advice

  • Our filling machines can fill from 20ml - 1000L, but can fill in larger formats for certain products.  

  • We can blend and pack powders into bottles, buckets, pouches, plastic or paper bags or even 1000+Kg bulk bags

  • We can fill pots and tubes and serum bottles

  • We liquid chemical blending in a variety of viscosities and pH's and our batch sizes are flexible ranging from 100L - 20,000L

  • We have purpose-built in-house steam shrink wrap labeling machines

  • Bespoke labelling options, We label and re-label for companies

  • Products have been exported to Australia, China, The Pacific Islands, Middle East, India, South America, and Europe, Singapore, Africa, UK and Taiwan

  • We contract pack for companies based around the world looking for the New Zealand made edge.


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