Elitepac is New Zealands Hygiene Solution Spealisits for situations where hygiene is paramount, Whether it's the removal of dangerous bacteria in manfacturing, or mould, algae or odours in the business environments, or the general improvement of hygiene in the corporate market Elitepac can deliver exceptional services together with highly effective protocols to eliminate, prevent and protect against microbes, infection, mould, algae and germs in general.

We eliminate, prevent and protect your environment from Mould, Odours, Bacteria & Germs and Algae. Using our leading edge technology Zoono and our Premiem green hygiene product ranges.


Elitepac has developed specific industry solutions across numerous industries, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and eliminating the problems commonly associated with bacteria.

Food Manufacturing
Processing Plants, Conveyor Lines, Airconditioning Vents, Benchtops/Preparation Surfaces, High Risk Areas/Sealed Areas, Bathrooms/Staff Showers, Packaging Rooms, Rubbish/Recycling Areas


Zoono has approval from NZFSA, New Zealand Food Safety Authority and can be used safely around food. Because of the non toxic nature of Zoonois an ideal products to use in food manufacturing facilities to eliminate bacteria and manage hygiene. We independent trial data and have test results showing effectiveness against all bacteria found in Food Manufacturing, including Ecoli , Listeria and MRSA. The product can be applied by several methods, either Spray & Wipe or by fogging, delivering a fine fog like mist through the facility ensuring coverage everywhere including Air Conditioning Units.

Food Retail
Supermarkets, Shopping Mall Retailers, Supermarket Trolleys, Food Preparation Areas, Food Court, Furniture & Equipment, Counters & Food Display Areas, Coolrooms & Refrigeration


Elitepac can provide the are the ideal solutions for food outlets, including fast food, restaurants etc. Applying the PureProtect 24 hand sanitizer to employee's hands will give 24 hour protection from one application and the Zoono is the perfect treatment for counters, tabletops, kitchens, toilet facilities etc.

Hotels, Motels, Cafés, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Hotel Rooms, Dining Areas, Pubs & Clubs, Guest/Patron Bathrooms, Changerooms & Gyms, Refuse Rooms & Rubbish Areas

Textiles & Garments
Infusion of Zoonocide into Medical Gloves, Industrial Uniforms, Textiles including: matresses, carpets and curtain linings in hospitals and aged care facilities.

Childcare Centres, Schools, Universities, Training Centres, Childrens Play Equipment, Training Equipment , Bathrooms/Toilet Blocks, Kitchen/Food Preparation, Carpets & Rugs


Because of the non toxic nature of our products they are perfect to use around Children and infants and is effective against all bacteria that are prevalent in Schools , Child Care facilities etc. Hand Hygiene is particularly important in these facilities and Germfree24 only having to be applied once a day is especially effective. Our non touch automated dispensers are ideal for children and staff alike.

Small Businesses, Large Corporates, Banks, Call Centres, Desks, Keyboards & Telephones, Lift & Door Handles, Office Chairs, Staff Lunchrooms &, Kitchens, Storerooms, Window Coverings & Ledges


We can provide an effective washroom programme to clients focused on improving workplace hygiene and improving the health and well being of employees. Together with our range of solution ranges, we will provide dispensing units, touch point hygiene services, bacteria monitoring and control and regular treatment programmes.

Buses, Taxis, Airplanes, Camper Vans, Hire Vehicles, Commuter/Traveller Toilets, Interior Upholstery

Hospitals, Aged Care, Medical Practices, Rehabilitation Facilities, Wards/Beds, Kitchen/Catering, Patient/Staff Bathrooms, Common Areas

Private Homes & Apartments
Rental Properties, Holiday Homes, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Upholstery & Curtains, Carpets & Rugs, Bedrooms, Driveways, Decking, Outdoor Furniture, Bins

In addition, the following industries have also been protected with Zoono's range of sanitizing and disinfecting products.

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  • Hospitality

  • Hotels and motels

  • Marine

  • Food manufacturing

  • Airlines

  • Aged care

  • Child care

  • Health care

  • Corporations

  • Government

  • Animal & Veterinary

  • Corrective Services

  • Construction

  • Facilities Management

  • City Councils

  • Government Departments

  • Defence Forces

  • Real Estate & Property Management

  • Entertainment