Trauma Scene and Forensic Cleaning Services

Call PureProtect now for professional crime and trauma scene decontamination and forensic cleaning services. Anywhere there is a need for the cleaning or removal and disposal of items that have been contaminated with bio hazardous waste which includes blood, tissue, animal or human remains at locations where traumatic events have occurred.

We have a highly trained team of professional staff who can ensure every situation is managed quickly and effectively. Our bio recovery technician will provide you with an accurate assessment and handling of your situation.

Crime and trauma scene cleaning and decontamination must be done by trained professionals in order to protect occupants of the property. A failure to properly and safely remove all biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health issues for occupants, employees and owners.

There is the danger of infection and disease by blood borne pathogens that exist in blood and body fluids. Blood borne pathogens are micro organisms such as viruses or bacteria that are carried in blood and can cause disease in people.

PureProtect Technicians provide an accurate assessment and quotation; complete the decontamination work following strict processes using approved products and guaranteed results.

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