PureProtect Your first call for odour control We all know how unpleasant a nasty smell can be. Lingering odours can taint a room, or waft through an entire house, office or other indoor area.The root of the problem.Obvious causes of odour can include damp, pets, decaying organic matter, as well as odours from people themselves. However, the underlying cause of persistent odours can often be attributed to bacteria and fungi (including mould and mildew).Left unchecked, odours and their underlying causes, can not only impact health and safety in an indoor environment, but also the value of the property itself.PureProtect Points of Difference - why our customers choose us.PureProtect's Odour Control Programme targets the underlying cause of bad smells and leaves behind a fragrance free, hygienic freshness in any indoor environment.Many standard domestic and commercial odour treatments contain harsh chemicals and only mask odours. PureProtect's proprietary products are safe, non-toxic, can be applied to almost any surface, and will eliminate odour-causing bacteria and fungi for extended periods - for weeks or months at a time.We bring the solution to youYour PureProtect technician will come to you, identify the source of your odour problem, provide you with a free quote and tailor an effective long-term solution that meets your specific needs.Surfaces suitable for PureProtect odour treatments include:

  • Upholstery, carpets, curtains & other textiles

  • Bedding, including mattresses & pillows

  • Kitchen, bathroom & laundry surfaces

  • Cabinets, wardrobes, closets including shoes & clothing

  • Air conditioning, circulation & ventilation systems

  • Timber, concrete, plastics and ceramics.

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