10 Germy Surfaces You Touch Every Day

Many surfaces and objects you come in contact with every day are covered in germs. "There's very few surfaces that are truly clean," said Dr. Aaron Glatt, president and CEO of New Island Hospital in Bethpage, N.Y.
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Experts Tell Where Cold and Flu Viruses Lur



Flushing Out the Truth

Dr. Charles Gerba is a microbiologist from the University of Arizona. He found that in the home, the kitchen sponge had the highest germ count, followed by the kitchen sink. The lowest bacteria count, out of 15 household locations, was the toilet seat.
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Great Moments in Science


NSW Government releases new guidelines for food service to Aged Care providers

The NSW Food Authority has introduced a new law which covers NSW businesses which serve food to vulnerable persons.
The law was developed to protect vulnerable people in our community, including older persons and people who have weakened immune systems.
It will help the Authority to implement a new national standard 1 more effectively.
The new law will impact businesses such as
· hospitals
· aged care facilities
· same-day aged care services
· respite services and
· certain delivered meal organisations such as Meals on Wheels.
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NSW Guidelines for Aged Care Providers


NSW Government guidelines for food service to Child Care Centres to be released

A new standard will require businesses such as childcare centres that process food for more than six children aged four years or less to implement a food safety program.
It aims to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. Because young children are more vulnerable to foodborne illness than older children and adults, improving food safety controls in food service to this group is a priority.
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NSW Child Care Food Guidelines

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