Elitepac as a company is passionate about the creation of natural products and recognizes Goals that reflect our responsibility to the environment, customers and ourselves

Our Environmental Policy has been developed to oversee our actions which have potential environmental effects. It has been developed to ensure that our actions and operations in place follow the policy to combine innovation with environmentally responsible practices accordingly. Our role as a steward of the environment is to be 

continually striving to minimize activities with negative environmental impacts while encouraging practices with positive environmental effects.

Being environmentally responsible means that we also operate to comply with all legal and statutory obligations as set out by New Zealand Law. As a steward of the environment, we work to become more eco-efficient by reducing waste through the recycling of materials on site, the critical management of water use and both the disposal and reduction in wastewater.

We recognized as such, this means that through our relationship with the environment, the seriousness of environmental issues such as global warming, using non-renewable resources and neglect for the environment through their negative consequences. Staff is encouraged to suggest any ideas that may reduce the company's environmental impact on the environment being a continual focus of the company. To acknowledge the key role of the environment in our company, the policy is signed off by Senior Management.