Elitepac can make your formulations and has a large range of proven formulations available for OEM branding for your use.
We also
havefull time in-house chemists available to manufacture unique and specific formulations for bottling



We can help you with your formulations, maintaining that all property relating to products, intellectual property rights, business and marketing plans are entirely confidential.


We offer its customers a complete product supply management a "one stop shop" for:
* Formulationofspecialised liquid and aerosol products. We have a very experienced formulating chemist to assist if required in formulations and manufacture.

*Provision of ISO and GMP documentation where required.

*Storage of finished product and order processing, order picking, inventory reporting, freight and logistics as required. These services will be provided on a variable cost basis.


*Local and export delivery, including export and documentation customers instructions and cost are also available.our at shipping

* Physical and microbiological testing prior to bottling if required using independent laboratories.


*Production of the finished product, with the flexibility with production quantities and pack sizes to assist customers to build markets.



Elitepac Ltd continuously seeks new customers and its primary objective is to support its customers by providing consistent product quality and product range. All customer formulations are held exclusively and in confidence, and it can supply its own formulations to provide range extension easily if desired. We manage the supply of ingredients if required, and can also assist in developing and manufacturing so as to meet new in-market product opportunities as they arise.


Chemical formulator and contract bottler so as to provide finished products for its customers that meet their quantity, quality and scheduling expectations.




New product development

Quick turnaround

High Quality

Manufacturing flexibility