Elitepac Limited manufactures a premium quality products for clients:


-  WE CONTRACT PACK our formulations or customers formulations for contract customers.

-  WE CONTRACT PACK our formulations for associate company customers.

Elitepac can make your formulations and has a large range of proven formulations available for OEM branding for your use. We also have full-time in-house chemists available to manufacture unique and specific formulations for bottling



Elitepac can supply ex stock a range of bottles, sprayers, misters etc. This is useful to assist new customers to get packaging ex NZ, Australia or China new business started. We can source a very large range of ready available and low cost



Elitepac can assist with label design and printing if required. We can provide appropriate printing in NZ for small runs or China for large runs. We can overprint date stamp and supply barcodes if required



We can supply a comprehensive range of manual and automatic soap and liquid dispensers. These can be printed with buyers brands. We can also design and manufacture specialised dispensers to meet buyers needs


Elitepac can supply a full range of bottle misters trigger sprays, foam pumps and other dispenser devices for a complete range of bottles.
















Our ability to offer customers contract packing and customer label packing for around the world uniquely identifies us as a leader in global packing.

We will always attempt to pack in the using the most eco friendly and technologically advanced manner. Elitepac Ltd designs and supplies dispensing equipment, ready-to-use spray bottles, aerosol cans and refill bottles and packs Worldwide, from small to large bottling runs